Cryptological Considerations

I am baffled my the ignorance that the average person has. So many people walk around acting so confident that they know what will happen. They wake up assuming life will continue as usual for the most part. They focus their energies on particular things and ignore all else. There is always a holistic nature to things, nothing is ever isolated.

There is something I believe most people have an overwhelming tendency to ignore. People ignore the math. They like at you and your face doesn’t twitch. Well everything must be all good right, well they could not be more wrong. 60% (pardon my bias) of people are generally blind to math.

The math will happen behind closed doors if it needs to. And trust me, if you aren’t doing math you are nothing more than a slave.

My main point is that people create passwords with their own hands and their own computing equipment. They also play world of Warcraft on those same computers. And I am supposed to believe that my password is safe, hidden behind approx 10 data points of information. Its ludicrous to entrust in such a tenuous system.

Or the librarian I had once that decided the way to periodically distribute computer privileges was to have a log entry self destruct timer that was accessible through the task manager. (Long story short i was on the computer long past, until i got kicked out of course).

I’m not sure of some of these things are easier for others to adapt and know quite intuitively, but it seems that no matter the advancements that are brought forth they are overcome.

I guess the problem is that no matter how complex the computer systems get, the individual must be able to keep up with their responsibility in it.

Do not lose touch with your understanding of cryptology, or you will be rather confused when the robots rise up 


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