Expectation Leads to Unhappiness

Everyone has their own expectations of how they think things will turn out. People expect things to be there for them, such as the sun rising in the morning. They just assume that those things will continue to serve them. The reality is that things are always changing, and the human mind while the most well adapted is not perfect at predicting the turn of these events.

We imagine outcomes, often utilizing our best spatial predispositions. Often what we had envisioned does not materialize. What now? ; we contemplate. The important thing now is not to linger on our previous dreams, unless they are still truly alive. One must rearrange and alter their perspective on their expectations or their psychology risks destructive consequences. Either you change your mind about things once your expectations are not met or you grovel in disappointment. It is quite that simple. With that recipe you truly never become uncomfortable in your own skin. There are probably a few exceptions where that previous statement does not hold up, but i digress. The point is to not dwell upon your expectations, because they will not have much of an affect on anything. This is reminiscent of a scene from the first Harry Potter, where Albus Dumbledore utters the phrase, “It does not do, Harry, do dwell on dreams and forget to live”.  I think that is the quote. The point is that sitting around and dreaming about things is not going to change things. The expectation can only lead to disappointment and nothing else.

The problem is that expectation is not a conscious process. Our brains analyze our surroundings automatically and deduct reasonable futures. I think the challenge is that when we go to bed and we fall into the trap of expectation, just take that opportunity to meditate. By meditating I mean, not doing anything. Only those who expect something to happy for better or worse engage in an activity. Go to bed, thinking that your expectations are meaningless compared to the truth that is your senses in the moment. There is nothing but the now, and to expect certain outcomes to occur with religious certainty displays naivety.

Remember that your bodily processes are illusory from the mathematical point of view. If you realize that, you might feel a stress relief and physiological reaction that is unique to this situation. I just note that you need to pre-calm yourself prior to the actual meditation phase, or your state of mind will resist it.

During the day our brains run so quickly we cannot escape the scourge that is planning and expectation. 


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